How to knit squares

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How to knit squares
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The Diagonal Square

Cast on one stitch and increase one

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: increase 1 stitch at the beginning, knit to end

Continue increasing 1 stitsc at the beginning of each row until side measures desired length

Next row: Decrease by knitting two stitches together at the beginning of row

Continue decreasing at beginning of each row until the last stitch is reached

Pull wool through stitch to cast off

Sew in ends


Blankets need to be approximately 120 cm by 180cm or 90cm by 120cm but how you knit them is up to you. We suggest forming a knitting group making strips or blocks if you don't feel up to a whole blanket yourself. We will be organizing group events and think that these are a great way to learn to knit and share techniques. Make a blanket with your friends every small contribution counts.